What Does A Family Lawyer Do?

When people think about a family lawyer one of the first things that comes to mind is divorce, but there are more areas of law that fall under “family law” than just divorce. A family lawyer Cypress, TX families turn to for help with their having legal issues can help with things like child custody, adoption, divorce, visitation rights, child support, and more. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at our law office if you are having any legal issues related to these areas that fall under family law. We are happy to help, give us a call to schedule a consultation to ask any questions you have, receive legal advice, and more.

Child Custody

Fighting for child custody can sometimes be exactly that, a fight. In the best-case scenarios both parents will be cordial and work things out for the best interests of the child, and in the worst-case scenarios the fight will be ugly and hurtful and involve the court and fighting lawyers. In either scenario, having a lawyer will be beneficial to make sure things are set in place legally for the custody of the child and you and your child are getting a good chance at a custody arrangement that everyone can live with or even be happy with.


Adoption can be a long and expensive legal process, but families who choose to add to their family through adoption typically find it worth the struggle because of the incredible payoff of having an added family member. A family lawyer can help make the adoption process go more smoothly and quickly. Adoption is a beautiful act of love for taking a new child into your home, but the court sees it as a legal process with laws and guidelines that must be followed to complete the process and make the adoption final and legal.


If you have a child and do not live with the other parent, you likely have a right to visitation with your child. Even if you were never married to the other parent the child is still yours too and the court will most likely support your right as a parent to spend time with your child. Assuming you do not have a criminal record, which could make enforcing your visitation rights tricky, you should not have trouble forcing your child’s other parent to let you see your child. It may take some time to get the visitation schedule set up and legal, but if you think you and your child would benefit from having a relationship then you can fight for that right with your family lawyer guiding you and representing your side.

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