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Divorce Lawyer Tomball, TX Divorce Lawyer Tomball, TX 

The responsibility of legal custody is great. If you are given legal custody, you will be responsible for making all of the decisions, such as health care, school, travel, and more, for your child, according to Texas law. Because of this responsibility, it is imperative to prove to the court that you have your child’s best interest at heart. As a divorce lawyer Tomball, TX families trust knows, during a child custody contest, it is important to avoid some of the more common mistakes that many parents make.

Custody Determination

The family court judge will always make its decision in favor of the child’s best interest. As such, that decision is largely based on the stability of the parent’s physical, mental, and financial well-being. The court looks at the care that each parent is able to provide for the child, potential help from family members, which parent will be better equipped to ensure a safe home, as well as other criteria such as proximity to quality schools and the wishes of the child if the child is old enough to have an opinion. While there is no set guideline of what a parent should do leading up to and during a custody battle, an experienced Tomball, TX divorce lawyer from Winfrey Law Firm will provide invaluable guidance and legal counsel throughout the process.

Never Make False Statements

One common error that many parents make is exaggerating the truth about the past actions of the other parent or even fully lying. Whether a judge easily sees through these lies or not, it is never wise to tell tales of the other parent. Your intentions of defaming them may likely be all too obvious, but even worse, lying in court is perjury. Perjury can even be charged as a felony in some more extreme circumstances. Lying under oath will certainly go a long way towards losing your case.

Do Not Rush into a New Living Arrangement with Another Partner

The people you associate with, including any potential partners, have an impact on the court’s decision pertaining to child custody because they will inevitably have some influence on your child’s safety, health, emotional well-being, and quality of life and education. Often, these people are positive influences. Having close family members and friends may, in fact, boost the outcome of your hearing. However, by moving in with a partner, you risk losing your child custody battle because the new living arrangement may be frowned upon. What is their mental and criminal history? Does your partner have children as well, and will they be negative influences on your child in that new living situation? It may be that moving in with a new partner has no influence, or a positive influence on your child’s well-being, which is why it is wise to discuss the matter with your attorney and never rush into the decision.

 How To Help Children Through a Divorce by Age

Divorce is an emotionally stressful time for everyone involved, including your children. A divorce lawyer in Tomball, TX, from Winfrey Law Firm can help answer a lot of the legal questions you have. However, there are some problems that you have to address largely on your own, such as how to help your children adjust.

Children at various stages of development react to divorce news in different ways. Your response should also be age-appropriate.

School-Age Children (6-11)

Children at this age may fear rejection and abandonment from either or both of their parents because of the divorce. They internalize responsibility for the breakdown of their parents’ relationship and fantasize about bringing them back together. You and your spouse should avoid blaming each other or school-age children may feel obliged to take sides. You should both spend quality time with your school-age children, encouraging them to talk about their feelings. You should also encourage them to get involved in extracurricular activities to find social support outside the family.

Preschool Children (3-6)

Preschool children take emotional cues from their parents. If you are pessimistic or negative about the divorce, they are likely to be, too. It may seem counterintuitive to try to put a positive spin on your divorce, but if you act as though it is a normal part of life, your preschool children are more likely to take it in stride. Fortunately, there are some good books on the subject written for children in this age group, most of whom respond well to them. A divorce lawyer in Tomball, TX, may be able to make some recommendations. Kids this age tend to thrive with routine, so keep parenting schedules as regular and consistent as possible. Reassure kids that even if they spend less time with one parent or the other, they will still have a relationship with both.

Toddlers (18 Months to 3 Years)

At this age, children’s main bond is with their parents and immediate family, so their parents’ divorce can be especially traumatic. Toddlers often need extra care to cope, and you can ask relatives or caregivers to pay them some extra attention when you are unable to be there. If your child is old enough to talk, you can ask about what he or she is feeling. However, even if your child is pre-verbal, he or she should still spend lots of quality time with both parents.

The good news is that most children are resilient and recover completely from their parents’ divorce, sustaining less long-term damage than they would have if the parents had subjected them to constant conflict. Hiring a divorce lawyer in Tomball, TX, from the Winfrey Law Firm may help make things a little easier on everyone.

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