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Divorce Lawyer Spring, TX

Divorce Lawyer Spring, TX 

An addiction can be the single most crippling setback that an individual faces in their lifetime. However, when children are involved, it may just be too much to overcome. A parent with an addiction unleashes incredible hardships and even dangers upon their children. Addictions tear families apart by removing home stability, the family’s unity, finances, and families’ physical and mental wellbeing. If you are going through a Texas divorce and your spouse is struggling with an addiction, you need a skilled divorce lawyer Spring, TX clients recommend.

How Does a Drug or Alcohol Addiction Affect Custody?

A parent with a drug addiction not only presents a threat to the development of the children exposed to the addiction, such as causing poor grades and not being properly cared for, but it also increases the likelihood that the children will one day abuse a substance as well. In fact, one in three kids will have begun drinking by the age of 13, according to the National Council on Alcoholism. Because of this, the state may remove children from drug or alcohol-abusing homes or parents.

Likewise, in the scenario of a divorce, the parent without the addiction will likely be given custody of the children because of the healthier, more stable environment that will come with a sober parent as opposed to an addicted parent. If you are going through a divorce that is complicated by the presence of an addiction to alcohol, prescription painkillers, or illegal drugs, contact the Winfrey Law Firm today to speak with a Spring, TX divorce lawyer about the direction you wish to go.

Child Protective Services

If a child is deemed to be at risk of abuse, Child Protective Services may review the case, intervene if necessary, and take action by removing that child from the home. Any one of the following may be defined as child abuse:

 While a parent with an addiction may not ever physically harm a child, an addiction creates the very real potential for neglect (lack of proper housing, food, clothing, supervision, and medical care).

Custody Issues for Parents with Substance Abuse Problems

The court will most likely make the decision about custody at the time of the divorce, and will likely deny equal custody rights to a parent with a substance abuse problem. Most often, a parent with an untreated addiction will face losing any joint or shared custody, and certainly the potential for physical custody (with whom the child spends the majority of their time) as well.

What’s more is that an addicted parent may not even be granted unsupervised visitation rights, meaning what time, if any, they are allowed to spend with their children will be supervised by the other parent. The parent with the addiction may be required to take drug tests in order for visitation rights and/or a modification in the custody agreement. The court may also demand that the addicted parent attend rehabilitation counseling, in-patient detoxification at a hospital or health facility, or attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous if the parent wishes to have visitation or custody rights in the future.

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How Do I Know If I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Every divorce is unique and determining if you need to hire a lawyer from divorce can be challenging. Whether or not you need a lawyer is based on a number of factors including whether your significant other has hired an attorney, the number and value of your assets, if children are involved, and if you own estates or businesses together. If you need legal advice on your situation, Winfrey Law Firm has experienced divorce lawyers in Spring, TX to help you understand your options. 

Is the Divorce Contested?

A divorce is considered contested when the spouses disagree on one or more of the terms of divorce. Disagreement may occur over which spouse has child custody, the length of time a child spends with each parent, how to divide the couple’s assets, how to divide up a business the couple owned, and whether alimony needs to be paid by one of the spouses. Working through the process of reaching an agreement can be done without a lawyer, but you risk settling on terms that aren’t in your favor. A lawyer can advocate on your behalf so that you get what you deserve. 

Is A Spouse at Fault for the Divorce?

If you believe your spouse is the reason you are getting a divorce or your spouse is claiming you are at fault, you may want to hire a lawyer. Reasons a spouse may be at fault include cheating, abuse, abandonment or other harmful behavior. If a court finds you at fault, the terms of divorce may be less favorable towards you. Winfrey Law Firm can advocate for you and defend you against their claim. Likewise, a lawyer can help provide evidence of your spouse’s impropriety that has legal standing in court. 

Are Children Involved?

Contention can arise when children are involved in divorce. Determining how a child’s time will be split between two parents and whether a parent needs to pay child support can complicate the terms of divorce. A lawyer can explain child custody and child support laws and help you make decisions on what actions to take so that fair compensation is awarded.

Do You Own a Business Together?

Businesses can be complicated. Employees, assets, property, and profits are just some of the aspects spouses will have to agree on before they can finalize their divorce. Because of the intricacies surrounding owning a business, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

Do You Own A Lot of Assets?

Couples with shared stocks, retirement accounts, real estate properties, and savings will need to determine how to divide the assets between them. Deciding who owns what can be complex, especially when one spouse brought the majority of the assets into the marriage or was the breadwinner in the family. Having a lawyer advocate for you can lead to better outcomes. 

If you are searching for a divorce lawyer in Spring, TX, you should call our staff at Winfrey Law Firm to learn what we can offer you. We provide free consultations and will sit down with you to better understand your case and how we can best advocate for you.

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