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Sex Crimes Lawyer Llano and Cypress, TX

sex crimes lawyer

While being charged with any criminal offense is a serious situation, being charged with a sex crime is especially dire because of the harsh penalties that Texas judges to hand down if a person is convicted. Anyone who is charged with a sex crime should seek out the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer immediately.

A conviction of a sexual offense carries with it not only the possibility of harsh penalties, but the stigma associated with that conviction often follows the person convicted for the rest of their lives, including being listed on the sex offender registry. This is why anyone who has been charged with a sex crime needs an aggressive criminal attorney advocating for them and protecting their rights.

An attorney may be able to use one or more of the following defenses to the charges:

Suppression of Evidence: In the majority of cases, the prosecution needs evidence in order to prove their case. Depending on the circumstances of the case and how evidence was obtained, there are situations where a defense lawyer is able to get evidence suppressed, meaning the court throws it out and the prosecutor cannot use it. For example, the Fourth Amendment protects us from illegal search and seizures. If law enforcement improperly obtained the evidence, that is a violation of the defendant’s rights and the evidence cannot be used.

Witness Testimony: Another form of evidence in criminal cases is eyewitness testimony. However, a defense attorney knows that not all witnesses are credible and could be lying in their testimony. Maybe they are trying to help out a friend or family member or maybe they are covering up for someone. There are also situations where a witness may think they are telling the truth, but their memory is off, or they really aren’t sure about what they saw and may have been “coached” by law enforcement. A skilled criminal attorney will be able to poke holes to discredit witnesses who are not telling the truth in a sex crimes trial.

Police Conduct: In addition to following the correct procedures to obtain evidence, there are also other things that police may or may not do in order to gather evidence against a person. If the police in your case failed to follow these rules, your defense attorney may be able to use that as a way to get the charges dropped. For example, there are many cases where police spend hours and hours interrogating a suspect and manipulate that person to confess to the crime, even though the person is completely innocent.

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