Texas Man Headbutts Father-In-Law To Death Over Divorce Dispute

Divorce can get messy, and in the worst cases it can turn violent. For one father it turned fatal. Earlier this year a man in Texas was headbutted to death by his son-in-law after he confronted him about signing divorce papers for his daughter. The assault took place in a tavern restaurant with many witnesses. According to witnesses and as reported by the COMPLEX news site, the confrontation started out cordial with the son-in-law listening calmly. At some point he turned violent and headbutted the father-in-law three times in his head and face. After assaulting his father-in-law, the man fled the scene quickly. Other patrons of the tavern attempted to stop him from fleeing, but he reportedly bit one man in the chest before slipping away. Police caught up with the assailant later and charged him with injury to an elderly person and intent of serious bodily injury. 

When police arrived at the scene the father-in-law was reportedly still alive but barely conscious and disoriented. He was rushed to the hospital where he died from his injuries later that night. The medical examiner has determined his death to be a homicide with the cause of death being blunt force trauma. 

Divorce Proceedings

The situation described above is rare, however, it is not rare for there to be disagreements during the divorce process that could turn ugly with physical or verbal assaults involved. No matter the situation you’re facing with your divorce, don’t hesitate to talk with a divorce lawyer Sprint, TX residents rely on for their divorce proceedings. Even in the rare situations where you and your spouse agree on most things, it is still recommended that you have an experienced divorce lawyer representing you. 

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