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Domestic violence is a serious accusation, so it’s important to reach out to a domestic violence lawyer in Cypress, Texas as soon as possible if you’ve been charged with harming or threatening your loved ones. Domestic violence leaves long-lasting scars – both physical and emotional – and it’s important to understand the laws in order to clear your name.

Domestic Violence in the Eyes of the Law

The laws related to domestic violence vary from state to state, as do the punishments. The definition of domestic violence in Texas is a broad one, but it includes threatening violence as well as actually carrying out violence against your family members. Additionally, domestic violence isn’t just confined to your immediate family.

According to Texas law, domestic violence also extends to blood relatives outside of your household such as cousins, nieces, and nephews. Romantic partners such as boyfriends or girlfriends can also press domestic violence charges. Domestic violence affects everyone, and in today’s changing legal landscape, that means more than just spouses and children.

The Price of Domestic Violence

Of course, the punishments for domestic abuse can vary depending on the nature of the crime as well. The first incident of domestic abuse is a misdemeanor, but if there is already an incident of domestic abuse on someone’s record, they’ll be charged with a felony. This means a potential prison sentence, not to mention fines, probation, and anything else the court decides fits the crime.

The impact of domestic violence charges on a criminal record can extend beyond prison time. A person charged with domestic violence will face difficulties getting employment, and they may even lose their right to own firearms. In addition to the legal fallout, domestic violence can strongly impact a personal network – friends and family will disappear, and those connections that provide important support in difficult times may not be willing to help.

Being accused of domestic violence is serious. Fortunately, a domestic violence lawyer in Cypress, TX can help you rebuild your life and help you move on from domestic violence charges.

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Even if it’s an unproven accusation, being accused of domestic violence might isolate you from anyone you’d hope to depend on. Nobody wants to be on a wife beater’s side, and unfortunately, people won’t want to hear your side of the story unless you have a trusted legal representative to go to bat for you.

At the Winfrey Law Firm, PLLC, we understand there are two sides to every story. We can be a helpful legal resource and a knowledgeable ally when friends are hard to find, and we can work with you to uncover all the details about your case. We know you’re more than just a case number, and we know you deserve fair representation in the eyes of the law – and everyone else.

Reach out to the Winfrey Law Firm, PLLC today, and see how a domestic violence lawyer in Cypress, TX can help you move forward with your case.

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