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Llano, TX Child Support Lawyer

Child Support Lawyer Llano, TX

Your Llano, TX Child Support Attorneys

Child support is when one parent pays another parent money to support their child or children. Determining who should pay child support and how much they should pay varies greatly from state to state and can be complex. At Winfrey Law Firm, our experienced lawyers can provide you counsel. Hiring a child support lawyer in Llano, TX can improve the outcomes of your case whether you are seeking child support or are required to pay it. 

Who Pays Child Support

Often it is the parent that doesn’t provide the majority of the care, or non-custodial parent, that pays child support to the parent that does(custodial). The parents do not have to have been married previously for a parent to pay child support. The amount of child support paid by the non-custodial parent is calculated based on both parent’s salaries, and often it comes directly out of their paycheck. 

What Child Support Can be Used For

Child support can only be used to cover the basic needs of the child or children. It cannot be used to pay for the expenses of the custodial parent. Child support can pay for:

What can be paid for is often defined in the child support agreement that the parents settle on. Having a child support lawyer in Llano, TX advise you when determining the agreement can lead to better results for both you and your children. Consider calling Winfrey Law Firm today. 

Do You Need A Child Support Lawyer?

Every child support situation is different and there are a number of factors going into whether or not you may want to hire a lawyer. Some scenarios in which a child support lawyer can be beneficial include:

There may be other situations that warrant hiring an experienced child support lawyer in Llano, TX. They will gather evidence, develop legal arguments and represent you in arbitration or court. An attorney can help you better understand your legal options and improve the outcome of your case. Give our team at Winfrey Law Firm a call today to learn more about how we can support you. 

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