Modern Divorce Trends That You Should Know About

The phrase conscious uncoupling is a way to find a way that divorce is looked at, and if you do not know what conscious uncoupling is, the phrase was termed in 2014 as a gentler way to break up. This is quite popular now and 2020 onwards since COVID-19 is changing the way that people must meet, if you haven’t got to do an in-person meeting that is going to happen online. You should talk to your divorce lawyer such as the ones available at Robinson & Hadeed about whether they have online options.

One of the biggest divorce trends that was seen in 2021 is that so much of the divorce process moved entirely online, the entire law firm department used to zoom sessions to hash out custody arrangement, division of assets and more because of foreclosures and limited access to family law departments. And of course even with the pandemic still going on, speculation is that this is a move that is going to stay, not only is it very accessible to have sessions available online if someone wants it but it is very cost-effective.

Another trend that is seen in 2021 and onward is that something called gray divorce or silver divorce is on the rise. This is a reference to the haircolor of the people in this demographic or becoming divorcees. Some of these people have been together for 20 or 30 years, and many of them have older children and very large asset pools  then a younger couple that might divorce.

Because these couples are older and have been together for longer time frames, they share a lot more things, such as real estate, retirement earnings and extensive savings accounts. Boomers age 60+ are divorcing at a higher rate than any other age group out there, and the reasons why can vary, these people are people who will probably chase their children for many years and now that the nest is empty their lives are being reevaluated.

And of course with the online era still fulll speed ahead, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, the things you are saying online can be used against you in a court of law. And this goes for divorce proceedings as well, your text messages, your social media, Snapchat, to talk and even Instagram can be used to show proof of time, place, spending habits, infidelity and much more. And yes divorce lawyers have won custody battles by proving that somebody was out when they should’ve been in with the child by using the social media accounts.