Getting a Divorce When You Share Children

When a parent is going through the divorce process, likely the biggest thing that they will be paying attention to is the children. If you share children with your spouse, you will want to know things like:

  • Who will get child custody?
  • Who will make child support payments?
  • Will my children get a say in anything? 
  • Who will get to make the decisions regarding changes in the children’s lives? 

These are all good questions to ask, and when you begin speaking with your divorce lawyer about the process, you will want to share any concerns you have regarding your children and learn what you can do to alleviate those concerns. 

Coming to a Decision About Child Custody

When you work with a lawyer, like a divorce lawyer from a law firm like Robinson & Hadeed Family Law, they can certainly help you regarding child custody issues and concerns you may have. You may also find your lawyer recommending going through mediation with your spouse before making any decisions on child custody. A judge will need to make the final divorce decree to end your marriage and the court will prefer for you and your spouse to come to a decision on your own rather than needing to create custody arrangements. One way that lawyers recommend avoiding this is by working with a mediator during the divorce process. A mediator cannot make decisions on your behalf, but they can guide you to the different options regarding child custody and help you see what would be in your child’s best interest. Ultimately, the court will side with whatever is in the best interest of the children. 

Do children get a say during the divorce? 

Although every state will operate differently when it comes to divorce law, you may reside in a state that allows children to express their opinions and preferences when it comes to which parent they want to stay with. This will typically depend on the age and maturity level of the child. While it may not ultimately be the factor that decides who has custody of the children, it can still play a huge role. 

Divorce and Child Support Payments

Another hotly contested topic that will come up during divorce if you have children is child support payments. It is important to know that parents have a responsibility to take care of their minor children, whether they have sole custody of the children or whether they are only able to help their children through child support payments. Whether you are the one required to give child support payments or you have custody of the children, your lawyer can help determine what is fair and necessary to take care of the children. 

Getting a divorce is never simple. However, with the help of a lawyer, you can ensure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible and your children are always taken into consideration. Give a local law firm a call to set up your appointment today.