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Divorce Lawyer Spring, TX

Divorce Lawyer Spring, TXWhen you have come to the decision that divorce is right for you and your spouse, you know it is time to seek the help of a divorce lawyer Spring, TX residents have relied on. Going through a divorce can be tricky because you want to make sure you are not getting the short end of the stick when it comes to dividing assets. Especially if you have children, having an attorney on your side can help solidify your rights as a parent and can ensure your children are a top priority when making decisions regarding where they will stay and how they will be brought up. Divorces can be difficult. Having an attorney by your side throughout the process can make it easier. Call now to speak with a member of our team when you are going through a divorce. 

Is there a certain length of time I need to live in Texas before I file for divorce? 

Yes. You or your spouse must be a resident in the state of Texas for 6 months or longer and must live in the county you are filing for divorce in for 90 days or longer. 

What does it mean that Texas is a no-fault divorce state?

This means that when you or your spouse goes to file for divorce you are not required to bring up a reason for that divorce. For example, if your spouse cheated on you, this does not need to be listed as an option. That said, your reasons for getting a divorce could play a critical role in determining who gets custody of children or how assets are divided. If your spouse was abusive or abandoned you and your children, this is something you will want to speak with your Spring, Texas divorce lawyer about because it will play a big factor in child custody. 

What does it mean to go through the mediation process? 

When you and your spouse go through the mediation process prior to getting divorced, it means that a neutral, third-party will be there to go through difficult areas for you and possible resolutions. Although mediation does not work for everyone, it can be a great solution to problems that continue to come up. While this process is not usually required, if you and your spouse are particularly argumentative then a court may order mediation. 

Interested in working with us to help you with the divorce process? Contact a divorce lawyer in Spring, Texas now from Winfrey Law Firm, PLLC to see what we can do for you. 

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